Working together..

Wight Aviation Museum has an extensive outreach program working with both community partners and the education sector.
Below are a few examples of projects our team have been involved with:

Remembering WW1 Pilot Lt. Clifford John Tollman

Wight Aviation Museums Trustee Graham Drucker used his professional background in family history research, to help trace the family members related to Lt Tollman and organise a commemoration on the 100th anniversary of his death towards the end of the first world, on the 27th September 1918.

Lt Tollman grew up in Whipingham on the Island and children from the local Priory School attended the event along side representatives from the Royal British Legion and the Royal Air force Association.

Clifford died aged just 21 years whilst undertaking aerial observations over enemy lines, his remains were never found. Although he had no children of his own Graham was able to trace surviving nieces and nephews, who were also in attendance at the event.

Lieutenants Tollman’s life is now celebrated with a display within the museum and Graham is currently compiling a role of honor to remember all of the Island Pilots who have given their lives serving their country.

Noel Turner Science Festival

The Noel Turner Science Festival is an annual event held at the Cowes Enterprise College. It started in 2016 with the primary aim of engaging pupils in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and has been growing in popularity each year, with now over 2000 school pupils now in attendance.

The Wight Aviation Museum outreach team have used this as an opportunity to tell the story of the Islands aviation history to a new generation, as well as engage them in a range of activities helping to boost their key skills in STEM subjects.

WAM Outreach
WAM ‘s display stand at the Noel Turner Physics Festival.

Rocket Island Project

With the aid of a National Lottery grant the Wight Aviation Museum team where able to tell the amazing story the Isle of Wights history in building Britains biggest space rockets in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Video courtesy of the Isle of Wight Radio.